Glorious Slow Going during the month of March!

Opening March 2 from 5-8 PM: A book signing and artwork from the new book Glorious Slow Going, Maine Stories of Art, Adventure and Friendship, featuring brilliant essays by Elizabeth Peavey and lyrical art by Marguerite Robichaux. Eustis’ Hugh Verrier will also be displaying his fantastic paper sculpted ‘Birds in Flight’. Ms. Peavey will read excepts from the book at 6 PM that evening, followed by music from Mad River Valley, Vermont’s signature acoustic power band Phineas Gage.

The book begins:  ”Each time I hoist myself up into the cab of Marguerite Robichaux’s ‘arrest-me-red’ (her words) Dodge Ram truck, I know I’m in for some glorious slow going.  Crawling might be too speedy a term for the way she, at time, naviagates the back roads surrounding her home in the mountains of western Maine…..That’s because Marguerite Robichaux pays attention.  A trip to the dump can turn into a morning-long safari of partridge and deer and fox sightings.  The Sunday run to the Pines Market for the New York Times (one of the mere two copies it gets) requires a mug of coffee and binoculars in hand, just in case the back-backed woodpeckers are in their nest…..From the smallest, fragile bloom poking up out of a gully to the black silhouette of a dead tree frsoted with new snow, Marguerite notices things.  And when you travel with her, in person or through her paintings, you notice things, too.”

Please join us for a wonderful evening of art, literature, music and some glorious slow going!  The book and artwork will be on display in the Schoolhouse Gallery throughout the month of March.