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    Ice Out by Valerie Aponik

    Ice Out by Valerie Aponik

    Schoolhouse Gallery is pleased to open an exhibit (lasting until March) featuring the winter plein air paintings of Valerie Aponik. She lives and works from her studio/home on Great Wass Island Maine much of the year, and during the winter months she lives and works in Phillips. Aponik has been painting en plein air for over twenty years.

    Aponik says, “Painting on location, gives me the most alive feeling of the now.  I seek to translate that moment, through paint, color, form, and the play of light and dark.  I want the viewer to appreciate the pleasure I find conveying my hand and heart response to my environment.”

    Ice Out, an oil on masonite, is 12 x 19 and for sale at our gallery.


    Carrabassett River Shadow Path

    Carrabassett River Shadow Path, North New Portland, Maine

    Near the confluence of the Carrabassett River and Gillman Stream a monoculture of willows casts strong horizontal shadows over a small side-channel leading to the river. The challenge in making this photo was finding a position for the camera, where I could articulate the channel from foreground to background.

    Nikon D800E – 70-200 f2.8 mm lens at focal length 140 mm, ISO 500, f13, 1/250 sec, UV filter, spot metering, tripod-mounted

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