Fly Fisherwoman Marguerite Robichaux

M. Robichaux-Yellow Hornberg

Yellow Hornberg, 2 1/4” x 4” watercolor, gouache, ink $450 framed

“As a landscape painter in Maine I have been inspired for many years by the beauty of our wilderness and the rural character of our state.  I am particularly drawn to the backwoods and farmlands–a newly mown hay field in the shadow of Mt. Abram, the noble sweep of potato fields in the County, undulating rows of corn in tassel.  I love the clarity, order and geometry of pastures and fields imposed upon sensual, rolling hills and valleys. In my own back yard are the mountain peaks, ponds, and waterfalls that are recurring themes of my work.  Unfortunately, too much of this land is disappearing.  Painting these forests and fields is my way of recording and celebrating the beauty and dignity of our rural landscape.”

An avid fly fisherwoman, Marguerite used watercolors, gouache and ink to illustrate some of her favorite, and most successful, fishing flies.