Kingfield Artwalk

Join us for our winter series of Artwalks! Doors open from 5 to 8 PM on a Friday night of each month from October through April. Venues throughout Kingfield's village will be open and serving free refreshments.

Many months include horse-drawn wagon rides around the village to participating venues.

Participants include: Gallery at Mountain Village Farm, Stadler Gallery, High Peaks Artisan's Guild, Schoolhouse Gallery, The Ski Museum of Maine, Grand Central Station, Mount Abram Lodge, the Kingfield Public Library, Notions Studio, Rolling Fatties and The Stanley Museum. We hope to see you there!

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  • April Artwalk

    Artwalk Winter Poster 2016

    This April Artwalk

    Everyone is a poet

    So our minds can see!

    Join Kingfield Friday Artwalk this Friday, April 1st from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Enjoy local artists work and contribute a little of your own as part of Kingfield’s first Haiku Bomb Night! A haiku is an easy and fun poem to write. The First line consists of five syllables, the second line consists of seven syllables and the last line is five syllables to form a 17 syllable haiku poem. A Haiku poem does not rhyme. Often they describe feelings or nature, but there are really no rules and you can write a haiku about anything.  Here are some examples:

     an old silent pond…

    A frog jumps into the pond,

    splash! Silence again.


    Over the wintry

    forest, winds howl in a rage

    with no leaves to blow.


    I hear crackling

    Crunch, of today’s new found day

    And know it won’t last


    And finally:

    How do I fit words

    and numbers of syllables

    for a good haiku?


    Come to Kingfield’s April 1st Friday Artwalk Haiku Bomb and see if you can answer that question!  We’ll also display a collection of classic favorites and some new photographic images, as well as, some new framing techniques.

    For more information, please contact Cynthia Orcutt at (207) 939-6518 or email